TootTally Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 26, 2023

What we collect

At TootTally, we collect the following information about you

  • - Your given username
  • - Your email address
  • - Your Discord ID and Username
  • - Your Trombone Champ score and replay data
  • - Your Trombone Champ charts and chart data
  • - Your Trombone Champ mods
  • - Your IP address
  • - Your country
  • - Your profile picture
  • - Your TootTally friends list
  • - Your time spent playing, and when you registered your account

What we store

All collected information is stored internally in either a database or in logs. Logs are deleted in a regular basis. All data collected and stored will never be shared or sold to any third-party without your explicit permission.

Data Deletion

All of your data will be deleted upon your request within 72 hours.


If you have any more questions about how your data is handled in TootTally, you can contact the server admin via email at [email protected] or via Discord through the handle gristCollector (ID: 153045798324535296)